Lunch lecture Programmable Photonics 10th of December

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Photonics is a promising technology which promises many advances beyond current electronics based high-tech solutions. However its wide penetration into markets and products has been hampered by the current paradigm of fixed purpose devices.

In the ECO group in the TU/e, pioneering research is carried out towards a new generation of photonic circuits which can be programmed (like FPGAs). In order to achieve this kind of novel devices, ECO researchers are teaming up with scientists from the applied physics and chemistry department to create new devices and device concepts.

In three presentations we will highlight the rational behind the move to programmable photonics and two master students will talk about their recent results obtained during their internships.

During the break on Tuesday the 10th a lunch lecture on programmable photonics will be given. Free lunch will be provided for the first 20 people. The lunch is on first come first served bases. The lecture will start at 12:40 and will end around 13:20. It will take place in the colloquium room on floor 6 (Flux 6.154). You can subscribe below.