Founding of ODIN

On the 10th of march 1980 ODIN was officially founded. But in the autumn of 1979 the first board members already started preparing this.

The first board consisted of Rudolf van Spaendonk, Roel van Aken, Laurens Versteegh and Wim Verkerk. Also Marco Sondag, board member of IEEE student branch, was heavily involved in the preparations of the founding of ODIN. A lot of evenings have been spent on forming the internal regulations, coming up with an original name and creating a proper logo.

The biggest motivations for founding this student branche was that the high-power electrical engeering students already had a student branche, named Waldur. Offcourse this was not the only aspect;

The excursions organised by Thor where for a wide public within Electrical Engineering but ODIN wanted to organise excursions and lectures focussed on the joined interest of the ‘future’ member; telecommunication- and information-technology


Odin is the major god in Norse mythology. There has even been a day named in honor of Odin, Wednesday is named after his English name Woden.

Odin has two ravens Huginn and Munnin, who fly around Earth daily and report the happenings of the world to Odin. He also has an eight-legged horse named Sleipner which on which he would ride into battles, accompanied by his two ravens, one on each shoulder, and two wolves on each side of him.

These details of Odin are reflected in the logo of our association. Odin could see everything that happen in the universe and has his ravens to report about the happenings on Earth. This resembles the field on work of our student branch ODIN, the area of telecommunication and information technology.

But also our slogan ´Unity through communication´ because Odin, his ravens who scouted the Earth, his horse which could see into the future and his wolves together form a unity by the communication between each one of them.

Within the faculty of Electrical Engineering most of the study/student associations have something to do with the Norse mythology

One of Odin’s son is actually Thor, god of thunder, which is the name of the Electrical Engineering study association. The high-power branche of Electrical Engineering is named Waldur, derived from the god of light Baldur.

Even the faculty’s bar is named according to Norse mythology. The bar is iconic called the Walhalla. Which is basically the heaven in the mythology, and as a bar the heaven for students.